1. Richard McBeef

    well at least she doesn’t try as hard as Sir Gaga.

  2. This must be how you make Manson look normal!

  3. My Left Nut

    I knew it was a Hitler moustache!

  4. This Photoshop attempt to make Boy George look straight straight is a FAIL.

  5. I’m just going to say what the fuck and leave it at that.

  6. And this is just their previous night’s trip to Blockbuster.

  7. villenuv27

    I’ll give you one guess as to what part of that costume Sasha Grey donated.

  8. Wait, wait, wait… that’s the girl who was kidnapped in “The Big Hit”? I would never have guessed. No, really.

  9. Clown Shoes

    Ok Brian…its edgy when your 25. Its pathetic when you’re 42. You look like Nic Cage let his kid dress him.

    Wait. Are those brass knuckles?

  10. Dave Mustaine

    Talentless loser! Only clowns support this “fly by nighter”

  11. chinchin

    um, is her cooch out?

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