1. Ben Dover

    damn even grainy her ass is fantastic!

  2. Timmy

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

  3. Timmy

    Thank you God.

  4. Coyote

    Kim K Eat your heart out, while I eat out Shakira

  5. quickrick

    scratch it out baby!!! and hold the pose… sideways is awesome!

  6. 68-Shane Sewell

    there picture are near blurry…

  7. dotmatrix

    Her ass is everything I’ve dreamed it would be.

  8. Meh… For a Latina, that is a rather mediocre culo.

  9. anon

    If I could have a celebrity’s body, this would be it. So perfect!

  10. KV

    Horrible Colombian wannabe. I dunno what’s worst, her music, her voice or her face or her ass. HIDEOUS !!!

  11. Vgirl

    “Let me get that for you Shakira” – This coming from a heterosexual female.

  12. Boo

    You just want to go over and slap that ass!

  13. sj

    ass dont lie

  14. pavan

    shakira is my favourite model and she is done it again

  15. smj

    zama da walar kotakarai pa ke tash kam pa di kona kona ke warla

  16. will

    i love u soy dominicano

  17. will

    te nesesito

  18. will

    no lie i am in love with my girl, but i love you too.

  19. will

    i would love to dance with you, hit me up.

  20. ahmad

    i wana love you Shakira you look soooo hot aahhhhhhh

  21. angerinside

    I bet she shits diamonds out of a platinum asshole.

  22. squiggy

    what’s with the “zapruder film” quality rez here? that man should never be aloud to film ass again…unless he’s exclusively used for kardasian shoots of course.

  23. san

    i wonder what she was doing , masturbating????

  24. ferry

    wow nice butt thnxs shakira

  25. Alan


    fugly midget and a phony.

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