1. Chris

    that’s it, i got excited for nothing

  2. Eric

    I just thought about it, and I really want to see her vagina. Make it happen, gods of fate!

  3. Rupert


  4. Rupert

    Wow. Shakira in an outfit where you can’t see her ass. Good choice.

  5. love vibe


  6. NO

    NO fake tits
    NO fake lips
    NO fake nose
    I like my womens like we make em here in the states

  7. ktulu

    oh sorry, I just puked in my mouth

  8. Not feeling it, a little more chest!? Never paid attention to that until now she’s flat chested! And the outfit looks kinda childish…Shakira as a fairy tale princess anyone?

  9. See Alice

    Was she in Charmed ?

  10. Shakira is sooo beautiful. I’ve never been attracted to women, but I would turn lesbo for her.

  11. LaPetiteFrancoiseDuQuartier

    I think that people who have to be discriminated are: sick people, retarded people, handicapped and FAT people

  12. sos

    The new banner girl sucks, it looks like some 12 year old. She’s not sexy like the previous one, this one is too “little girl-y”

  13. Woofus

    Shakira always shakes her ass… not shy about it. But I always thought she had boobs?

  14. LEB

    Hey, nice body, Shakira, we can all tell you’ve been working out… but please eat a sammich. Your belly isn’t suppose to be concave.

  15. eww

    The last time I checked, the patronage at Food City was mostly morbidly obese Mexican women; I’m not sure if you have any idea what you’re talking about.

  16. Shockakhan

    Where’s her ass? Not worth looking at her if there’s no ass or nudity :(

  17. Stephen Hawking

    Shakira is the antidote to all the Snooki/LiLo/Tila/Britney bullshit we wade through every day.
    She’s talented and she has a great body.
    In essence she is the anti-celeb.
    There is substance to her existence as she is a philanthropist and humanitarian.
    She isn’t some filthy-dirty, no talent, money-grubbing fame whore like Snooki.
    If she’s at a news conference, then she is likely donating money to a charity or lending her celebrity status to a good cause.
    When was the last time Tila Tequila did anything that helped humanity?

    By the way…the banner girl sucks.

  18. Arlington Edwards

    Ewww! a skeleton in candy wrapper celephane with messy hair. what exactly is so sexy about that? I’ve seen better. The woman has no boobs, no butt, no belly, nothing to grab, just bony protrusions. She’s so skinny makes her head look bigger than her body.

  19. Jay

    Who’s the guy with a beard and a dress in the background?

  20. mark

    Smoking hot. Perfect breasts, sensational abs. Sex appeal oozes from every pore!

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