1. Sais

    I can’t wait for the sex tape. Should be amusing.

  2. JayJay

    stop being so judgemental of her. there are plenty of teenagers out there that do far worse then she has. they may not be in the public eye, but everyone knows what theyre doing.
    compared to them, miley’s an angel. be thankful she’s not into drugs or anything like that.

    as for her dance moves, incase you are too blind or stupid to notice, she was mimicking michael jacksons famous pevous thrust. which, is actually an appropiet dance move for that part of the song, seeing as she was singing about him in the part of the song.
    there were no sexual intension with those moves, she merely pulling some michael jacckson inspired dance moves.

    the fact that youre ridiculing her for that is just sad. get a life.
    lets put you in the spot light and see what kind of public role model you make!!

  3. alex

    dear jay jay…shut the fuck up we all know you rubbed one out to these pictures

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