1. jack hammer

    I would wreck that.

  2. Dr. Doogie McStickit


  3. Bob Lee

    GMA sucks. They were gushing all over this pice of crap.

  4. Mary Ellen

    I’m an old Grandma,

    and I do not see anything wrong with those photos.

    Miley IS growing up, for Pete’s sake!

    It’s about time she quit the kiddies’ shows.

    • DeathfromAbove

      REally? Really? Oh yay, now she can teach other girls 13 and up that its ok to be a slut. Goo on ya grandma, you deserve a medal. Seriously, Growing up and acting like a whore are two different things. Ok, you want ehr to quit the kiddie shows. Agreed. Might I suggest Adult entertainment? Anyway, yeah. Boo fucking hoo. How ya like them apples?

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