1. Ashley

    So if a girl ever puts her hand anywhere near the front of her pants, she must be mimicking masturbation.

    It looks to me like her hand is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Girls grab their belt loops all the time.

    • Mary

      Yes, I agree. Her hand is definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time–for three different shots to capture (facial expressions/movement not the same).

      ‘spose you’re right in that girls (guys do it more) may tend to grab their belt loop frequently. I on occassion my find my finger curled around my belt loop here and there…all though, my stance is more calculated and that I actually think about where I place said hands. I find that it’s more natural looking to hook my hands on the side loops rather than the front. I just am not comfortable and haven’t yet been granted COOL status a la Marlboro Cowboy dude or that Cheetos Tiger to place my hands in front of my crotch.

      Miley is so overrated. I don’t care what happens to her–sex tape to ruin career, drug over usaged to ruin career, running over kittens to ruin her career, general public finally catching sense and realizing how much she sucks to ruin Miley’s career, just make it end soon.

    • Selena

      So u finger urself, ah me too, it’s honestly the best feeling ever!

    • Priscila

      I love it too! I love the thought and the cfmoort every sentence of The Climb gives me amidst all my trials in life. I gotta keep moving on cuz there’s always gonna be another mountain.

  2. aside from the fact that she realllllly over-accessorizes, I think she’s quite attractive…

  3. wb

    Dude, this thing is so effing slow I’m about to give up on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. retarded

    This girl is not attractive. She has a super fat face, her eyes are too close together and her lips look ridiculous. She also has a weird lookin’ body. And yes she is a little tramp. Look at her pictures! This one of course could be one taken at the wrong time but she is not a good singer and looks retarded everywhere she goes! HAHA!

  5. Skippy

    I bet that girl loves to bang.

  6. gatito

    WTF.. so the outrage in this post is not directed at the fact that this weiner poseur is wearing a Bowie tshirt even though she knows jack shit about the thin white duke?

  7. Then she wonders why people think shes slutty….. again this is what the mouse teaches…. Its ok to be slutty just deny everything then smile and act like nobody asked.

  8. Hannah

    oh so now she can’t even put her hands lower than her belt without been critisized.great.really people she’s 17 not 7 she’s a big girl now :L n ooo ihs a fukin tattoo…big.fuckin.deal. she’s grabbin her belt loop which girls do all the time. idk…poor miley shouldnt take this shite n im glad shes not put off by it. shes gorg-uzzz! like i’v luved dis girl since i was 11 n now im 15 :D n as she’s aged shes gotten sooo pretty i luv her clothes n her jewelry dayummm gurrrl :D

    • what kind of drugs are you smoking i want some. If you actually watched the show this am you would have seen exactly what everyone is talking about. She was not simply putting her thumb in her belt loop. Second it was only yesterday she was whining about everyone calling her new act slutty. If she doesnt want to be called slutty then she needs to stop listening to people who suggest this kind of move. Your right shes 17 shes not grown up and by some standards she wont be untill shes 21. Dont get me wrong I dont blame her she is only doing what 17 year olds do I blame her parents just like Britneys and Lindseys they sold her soul to the mouse now she is trying so desperately to look (growed up) and her parents are to blinded by the money to notice shes a train wreck waiting to happen just like the others.

  9. Michileigh

    It was at the part of the song where she said “and a Michael song was on” As in Michael Jackson? She and ALL THE DANCERS where copying his famous move. I’m not a huge fan of Miley, but I will defend choreography if it’s an homage to a legend and not just a slutty move.

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