1. gnarla

    It’s a penis. Clearly.

  2. Glittery hamwallet.


  4. Butt Plugger

    Booty shorts are made for girls that actually have a booty. That’s the problem here!

  5. Cuddles

    I think you’ve uncovered a larger issue here. I’m now convinced that Disney has found a way to genetically engineer pube free child actors to maintain the illusion of purity. On behalf of all of us us who still have to pay to have hot wax ripped from our crotch, I’d just like to say, “Fuck you, Walt.”

    • Josephus

      I know he’s a bad dude and all, but just because it’s bald doesn’t mean it’s Breaking Bad’s fault.


    No one wants to see her Bieber hole.

  7. Cock Dr

    So the answer to the eternal question “Do the sparkle tights sparkle all the up way to the top?” is NO. Ms Gomez has no sparkle there deep in her booty shorts….how sad.

  8. malaka

    is it me, or is her vagina a bit asymmetrical?

  9. cc

    Where are our resident physicians? Is it possible to have a complete vaginal prolapse? If not, what the hell is this?

  10. Prolapse would mean the vagina descended and is inside out, hanging outside the body.

    I think you are thinking of vaginal agenesis.

  11. I would like to see Terry Richardson take some more “artistic” picture of her, this isn’t enough anymore for my unimaginative mind.

  12. I see London, I see France, I see a unmarked van with a bunch of antennas parked outside my house. Thanks.

  13. Thats what we call a latina meat wallet, since it has been with Justin it only holds half a stack of dimes.

  14. coljack

    Turns out: “inspect element” in my browser doesn’t get you a closer look at her crotch. Your move, Microsoft – Google’s left themselves wiiiiiiide open.

  15. It’s just an everyday manhole cover which has slipped a bit.

  16. Face looking a little puffy here. On the rag maybe? haha

  17. meowtrix

    So… we are looking at a pair of tights. That’s all. They usually have a patch like that.

  18. That’s a nice…whatever that is.

  19. You first have to have a “booty” in order to be able to wear “booty shorts”. In her case it wouldn’t matter tho, because her 10yr old face turns me the fuck OFF..

  20. kiki

    That is a gusset. And the fact that people really can’t tell a gusset from a vagina troubles me greatly.

  21. anonym

    nothing to see here.

  22. Philyan

    Yes it is a gusset. However, her vagina is right behind it.

  23. some black dude

    nothing to see here but shes gotten so beautiful

  24. bobthe nob

    she’s just airing it out letting it breath god sake’s

  25. thecrazybetty

    looks like a ball sack

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