1. larin turner

    why would you explode her like that? i mean get her some privacy people im sure you dont want a picture of you like that going around the internet!

  2. clem

    yes please don’t explode her any more.

  3. Neon signs

    I see a lot more than that at the beach and im sure it would not bother her!!! http;//

  4. butch

    asshole perverts like you should be in jail sucking wardens cock, so leave her alone.

    • Master Cherry Plucker

      Why the fuck not, she’s posing as “True Love” to Justine Bieber, who goes for what she doesn’t have between her legs! The immature little dwarp, who sings and ACTS like an 8yr old, goes for other immature little dwarps! I rest my case…

  5. blinka

    she’s almost 20 and not 16, grow up

  6. Logan

    Wath idiot make this picture he should be in jail

  7. ha im pretty sure if annyy one was as offended as they say they were on here then you wouldnt have clicked on this picture to look at it in the first place other than to bitch

  8. Demmun

    I would eat that ass

  9. Dr. Ike

    I bet her asshole is immaculate and flawless.

  10. cc

    You ever notice how clothing tags put in an appearance at the most inopportune times?

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