1. Mr. Poop

    If I saw that ass peeking out, I would hop in it and ride her like a mule.

  2. Ollie

    Is that a tag or a butt plug

  3. Cute buns. Enjoy them while you have them because you are Italian/Mexican and in a couple years that thing is going to blow up like a cherry bomb.

    • krraank

      Only then will she look sexy enough to photograph. For now, she’s just a skinny kid. Grown men should be ashamed for perving out like this – leering and lusting for such a young girl.

      • Mark

        krraank, what the hell is your problem? seriously! are you one of those fundamentalist-type christians? she’s of legal age. she’s totally hot. Most guys prefer thin girls like this, and not fat chicks (as you evidently do). So I really can’t see what your problem is with people enjoying her beauty, unless you’re some kind of sanctimonious religious zeolot who enjoys criticizing others for their natural enjoyment of sex, when at the same time you’re probably secretly living some kind of deviant perverse lifestyle.

      • So krraank wtf r u doin here ogling her?

      • kraank likes little boys. His last name is really Sandusky.

      • GTFO…and STFU ………take your A-Typical Puritanical Moral Brazing A** outta here…… SEX IS SEX Big Mofo deal……
        its people like you..why soo many are in Miserable union’s and why soo many Cheat….omg…you can’t do this. omg …thats sooo disgusting……omg….oral sex is disgusting…anal is soo unlclean…pssft. ..* stfu * and go eat a D*CK !!!!
        mayb you’ll finally have a goodtime in life. now enjoy

      • Tron

        That’s an extremely long Kotex – she must be on a heavy flow day. :P

  4. oermens

    this is my new wallpaper

  5. Venom

    Mmm, that ass.

  6. ash

    pics like this make me wish I was a 16 year old boy

  7. The Pope

    That tag just ruined my day.

  8. Suddenly, I want to finger-bang something.

  9. thomas

    **** she is pretty….*pulls out Penis and gets horny* i wanna…… nevermind

  10. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha

    Essa ninfeta é deliciosa demais.

  11. Valeria

    she has a flat Ass you guys are perv XD

    • sooo……………flat small petite little whats your problem ??
      Ohhhh i get it-YOUR-FAT ???? ok-y… hey look wether your fat or not or have a bigger butt then her point is. thats what’s called a firm a**. stop believing the HYPE of the ” NICKI MINAJ ” effect of Ghetto Booty. Real Men don’t like that Eye Candy hype because thats all it is…is eye candy hype. nothing more.a great a** is a firm a** similar to her’s…not some jelly belly behind. its not ATTRACTIVE nor is it something we want. you better understand this NOW. before its too late and your BF or husband cheats on you with a woman who has a body that firm trim and tight. at the endof the day thats’ what it’s about ….nothing more nothing less.

  12. justin diablo

    mm it’s so delicious, beautiful and sexy. mm her breasts
    I want them to become a Playboy model.

  13. chiara

    mm so hot

  14. anthony

    ahhh fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap

  15. Nick

    One of these days she will wake up next to Bieber and ask herself: What the Fuck am I doing here?! The Bieber will wake up and ask the same… thinking of the Jonas Brothers.

  16. sexy

    i wish i was her

  17. As long as the tagged shadow of Asscrack Walley keeps showing up on Fish’s front page, I’ll keep on clicking on it.

  18. sexy

    sempre gostei dessas fotos
    gostozona dos peitoes gigantes

  19. DanZee

    Oh, look. Breasts! I didn’t have those yesterday!

  20. Madeline♥

    Yall are stupid! I mean she has haters and now you pervs ! wow i feel bad for herr!

    • your contradictor ………jus like every woman on this blog.
      you women are 2 things 1) jealous 2) full of Crap.
      …………wen men speak & gather comment on a particular female ” you guys are all pervs ” ………….ohhhhhh were disgusting and wrong. but when women …..gather around and sexually degrade men ohhhhh its different right ???? F*KK outta here with that BS !!
      GTFO ..You. Double Standard Cunt’s ya’ll are……SMFH :/

  21. Abhi

    i think she’s look better if she’d spread her hands and turn around…

  22. patricllk

    She looks sexy

  23. ash

    irresistable, nice attractive body mainly the ass, ready to start. lucky man

  24. ash

    whats between the two hills? can see sthing white, anybody nos???

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