1. Gigs

    Im certain her pussy tastes like candy.

  2. JC

    Damn you, lazy gravity! Pull down harder!

  3. SelenaGomezFanForever

    She’s the sweetest. I adore Selena

  4. Asmodious

    I bet those french fries reminder her of Justin’s penis, once the fry is broken into fourths haha.

  5. Dawn

    She is just laying out like many of us do in the summertime. I see nothing wrong with what she is doing. She is a cute girl. For some styles similar to hers affordable prices check out!

  6. why would you explode her like that? i mean give her some space people! im sure you dont want a picture of you like that going around the internet!

  7. SelenaLover


  8. Respect4Selena

    poor girl, she’s so sweet, girls do this on the beach all the time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these photos, i feel so sad for her, she probably didn’t even know there was a camera guy there :(

    • Albert Fish

      shut up bitch lol

      you feel sad for her?
      I don’t think she gives a fuck when her bank account has over 30 million

  9. Chadders

    i would start in the pink and finish in the stink with that piece of ass

  10. Albert Fish

    She’s getting hotter and hotter.
    I swear i’d kidnap just bieber, tie him up and fuck Selena right infront of him.. with a smiley scream 2 mask on.

  11. on

    She is like where is my money now?

  12. Madara

    Soo….the photography can just take picture of her without permission….thats kinda wrong.

  13. Luisa

    she dont got no ass

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