2. Jeewizz

    congrats to the photographer for managing to miss the nip slips which no doubt occurred right before his very eyes. or maybe he is choosing to keep those for himself.

  3. Fandy

    Oh to be 19!!! better use it whils she has it…in 20yrs that stuff will be saggin and draggin

  4. ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    No real topless pics… :(

  5. Rob

    She looks like a child, but I bet that excites 90% of the readers here.

  6. Dick

    Come on Selena please show a dirty old man like myself more of little firm bobbies + tight little beaver.

  7. Selena Gomez

    That’s my picture I look ugly as fuck

    • Jenny

      You are ugly Selena, you say you dont speak Spanish yet your last name is Gomez. You make white people look extremely cheap. Your just like j.lo who also, after the real Selena, who actually had to learn some spanish, have acquired fame and money, and some white boy that looks like a girl…oh wait..its normal now..a gay boy. So sad. And that is why mexico and all the other countries laugh at hollywood and dye their hairs blonde kus there is no true blonde. And all this does is make white people dumb. Talking about mexican oeople when they themselves have babies from them. White people make me freakin laugh!

  8. becky

    like it.

  9. Cristina

    Your so right Jenny, she looks like shes from Guatemala!!! The colombian prostitute on t.v looks way better!!!! And selena got with justin just for fame money and for the tittle of”i married a white boy” cheap girl..

  10. Those pimples excite people?

  11. Lillian

    Cristina and Jenny, you girls are so stupid. Selena Gomez’s mom is white. Only her dad is mex-amer. That explains her last name & why she dsn’t know Spanish. A Spanish surname dsn’t mean u must speak Spanish( dumb-ass). And Selena had her own show on Disney Channel before J.B even became famous. So Stop hating!

  12. gabriella

    ew she thinks she is hot sure call me a hater even though I’m not

  13. sexy

    you are sexyyyy

  14. mercy

    ppo r just jealous

  15. mike

    selena gomez is very hot and very beautiful so haters are morons so there

  16. Herman Bumfudle

    hi beautiful mama #fu*k what is wrong with these dudes. i would knock you up, you are so beautiful.

  17. Cindy

    I don’t see it. Her body, maybe, but she has the face of a 3 year old.

  18. mikeJ

    decent armpits for a skinny girl

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