1. C’mon now you don’t expect her to be rich, young attractive, AND have a clue? She needs room to grow, after all.

    Yikes. No smoking please. ew.

  2. Josephus

    Cut her some slack. As far she knows, a nozzle always starts flowing as soon as she grabs it.

  3. Karma's Bastard Child

    Maybe it’s a good thing some people end up being celebrities. Rather a celeb than in a job where they could really fuck shit up for the general public.

  4. Frank Burns

    Selena believes in pulling out the hose before the car gets pregnant.

  5. Nonny Moose

    I don’t think she’s put it in, yet. I think the hose just got a little over-excited. If Selena was holding my hose, I’d probably have the same reaction.

  6. meeps!


  7. she looks like a fucking alpaca here

  8. Yeah baby. Squeeze that hose.

  9. CK

    Photo trickery! She isn’t pulling the pump lever, and gasoline is yellow, not clear.

  10. Bryce

    Orange Mocha Frapuccino!

  11. singlecell

    How can you be rich enough to own any car you want and still be driving an Escape?

  12. “Hey look! A fellow Oregonian!” shouted the pasty white bearded man, sporting a fanny pack, jorts, and crocks with socks.

  13. jack meov


  14. Mario Starr

    Obviously the only hole Justine Beaver taught poor Selena to to insert something into was his anus.

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