1. JC

    It’s good to see she’s giving Miley a run for her moeny for the prize of “Biggest Misunderstanding of What ‘Sexy’ Is.”

  2. I’m sorry, but this photo is just revolting. There’s nothing sexy about an underage girl spreading her legs and sticking a camera in her crotch. If she doesn’t learn to respect herself now, then when she’s an adult it’s going to be far worse.

    what? she’s 21?

    Well, fuck all that shit I said before, Selena you go girl! You OWN your sexuality, and it empowers you! MOAR CROTCH!!!

  3. fap

    Bride of Chucky.

  4. “Lookit me! I’m just like Catherine Zeta Jones in ‘Chicago!’ Only without the talent or the looks.”

  5. “Well, you know, Joel….. If you can’t say it, you can’t do it.”

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