1. ThisWillHurt

    I zoomed in on the note she’s holding. It says:
    1. Stop dressing like you’re trying to turn on a businessman from the 60s.
    2. Don’t put on too much make-up. It’s OK to show your age sometimes.
    3. Put on some pants.
    4. Seriously, put some fucking pants on. Leave the stage now and find some.
    5. Don’t try to kiss Taylor Swift. She’s not into you (or anyone).
    Unfortunately, she forgot her glasses and the advice went ignored.

  2. Madonna, in a carefully rehearsed speech, explains that she “No hurt Gelfling”, and that “Skeksis want peace”

  3. MeanMrsMustard

    Wearing fishnet wrapped around that area of your body isn’t sending the right subliminal message.

  4. There simply is no explanation…

  5. Jenn

    I miss the 80′s, when she lied about being a virgin and covered her hoohah with a fake wedding dress.

  6. Andie

    Her poor daughter. How embarrassing.

  7. thecrazybetty

    why is she always standing like a roofer in that getup? what a fool this broad keeps making of herself.

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