1. Me

    Even though JB isn’t really all that cute and sexy (maybe a little)…heim and Selena are a really cute couple. I think it is too early that they were have sexual healing in Hawaii. But lets pray she is NOT preganant! : D

  2. Latasha

    Yep Selena Gomez is pregnant from the vacation in Hawaii everyone knows they r sexually active so they get horny looking at each other then find a room car or anything and have sex

  3. laxaddi47

    why justin all the fans you have and make selena pregnant your gonna lose all your fans and your life

  4. Evelyn

    -Who cares if she is as longest she’s happy nd takes care of the baby it will be okaii…

  5. sexy girl

    lol i think there good fro each other (maybe)

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