1. semaj

    i f*** hate jb right now why have sexy wit her she a messy want out wit nick cum on jb u kan do better the put ur d*** in her for she kan have a baby noway i hate u now :(

  2. Princess

    I dont think its true i think its a rumor, by the way Selena and Justin do make a good couple.

  3. kirstie jones

    yes there cute and justin and selena will make beautiful babys

  4. alexandra

    awww,i think that is sweat that selena could be having a baby i think he will be a good daddy for selenas baby and i hope she could be happy 2

  5. Zaquahn

    its there lives they can do wat they want whos place is it to tell them wat to do just get over u fanatic fans let them do them keep ur nose out of there buisness really who cares there most likely older than u

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