1. Seat Filler

    Now he has ruined my love of Mill St. when will his path of destruction end

    • jessica

      wtf tht shit is fake n selena gomez u fucked up ur life now every one is sayin o ur to gurly u cant sing n shit n y u datin tht gay fuck

  2. Debbie

    Things like this make me sick… Why does the media have to do things like this…just because she is a success and so is Justin Bieber the take everything to the extreme. Sick minds at work. Leave them alone and let them be as normal as possible without creating these vicious rumors.. They are a lovely young couple let them enjoy that without starting stories because one becomes sick and has to go to an ER… Perhaps food poisining, or flu or something as simple as that is going on with her not Pregnancy. STOP this crap!!!! I know it sells but go back to much bigger fish !!!!!! My 6 yr old granddaughter asolutely loves them and to be honest even at my age I do too. If they were ever close enough to attend their concerts I would move heaven & earth to get us there. BACK OFF!!!!

    • Aww Debbie thats sweet to stick up for them and it dosen’t matter what the press says so what she probally dosen’t fell well i’ve read so much and it all says no she is not so stop lying if you wanna know so bad test her………no ofeense though thats just rude to say stuff to poor Selena And Justin who are young and have to deal wit all this Shit leave em alone:)
      tannnk yoooh:)

  3. alice

    she has a liver disease

  4. jim

    let them be there a great cuple shes cuttie for, my dad always said i was and gift of god im old and my dad s gone but its to late now na love misss. selena you will be ok keep singing ok you and justin wil be ok ox fans

  5. Yeah .
    I LIKE IT . !!

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