1. Cock Dr

    “visiting his family in Toronto. Possibly to tell them the good news” -
    The good news being that she was sensible & got an immediate abortion….amiright?

    • no ur not F****** right i wish u were killed when u were a kid dont sit there and say kill the kid so she dosnt have to take care of it real ur pathatic

  2. mafme

    Of course, when I said that she was totally getting an abortion when their vacation pics were posted, it got removed… at least i couldn’t find it again… She is not going to have a baby, one way or the other.

    • well if she was she shouldnt ur pathatic no oneshould kill a god dam babby

      • Rachel

        Shut the fuck up, hoe. You don’t know people’s struggles, so who are you to talk? How about you fucking focus on the kids who are abandoned?

      • sid

        what a joke. babies are sacred but people are objects to be used and abused. the way people treat each other i am surprised more people are not for abortion. and yes its necessary, not everyone can afford or can care for a child. If a meth/heroin/crack addict got pregnant and after weeks of using found out about the baby would you really think that child should be born into this cruel world ?

  3. matt

    green card!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary

      She don’t need a green card idiot, she is an american 3 generations
      And she is so prettyyyyyyyyy and you are jealous, get a Life, idiot

  4. rosa bieber


  5. hannah

    how could she be pregnant that is stuipd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Omg if she is prego im going to go kill myself because if he is a dad then i have no reason to live. Justin is supposed to be my husband and MY childrens father besides him and I would make way cuter kids!!

  7. omg

    kurl u gotta bump yoa stomach in it getting bigger like a airballon

  8. omg

    me and JB look better 2gether

  9. omg

    i was your no. fan in wizards of walery place, but now ur not, LOSER…….

  10. I find it so funny that JB fans are like OMG what a whore >_> Give it a rest. There was a .001 percent chance of you getting with him in the first place. Get a life and stop being jealous. I mean your what 11-12 years old?

  11. 296 8843

    some people need a life and dip out of others

  12. jasmine

    she ISNT PREGNANT (I like 296 8843 comment )get a life

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