1. Just_As_it_Is


  2. gyis

    the top is a bit big on her but she’s cute

  3. Paige

    Oh goodness. Back off Selena. Seriously shes not the next Miley. And even if she were, Ive seen less on girls younger then the both of them, parading around the streets, you don’t put up a fuss about them because they aren’t famous. Its a bikini not a latex bondage suit. Get over it. They sell bikinis for 3 years old now…

  4. me

    is it a crime for 14 -17 year old girls to wear a bikini on a hot day.. and selena is way different from that slut miley, selena s unique she’s different and obviously does’nt give two shits about what everyone thinks so stfu and you should all stop being perfectionists because i highly doubt you’se look all hot and have perfect bodys, half of you’se are probably 60 year old lonely men

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