1. Erica

    Love the site, you are hilarious! Anyway, I think she looks appropriate…it’s not like she’s walking around with a G-String. And it just looks like she’s trying to go swimming. She’s a cute young girl, and the bikini has enough coverage to be modest (as far as bikini’s go). She looks pretty classy to me, unlike some of her other Disney cohorts…

  2. Frank

    And not much for nice hips

  3. Sir Mix Alot

    Hips are a little lacking sure, but the face, boobs, stomach, and legs are fire. awesome.

  4. bribios

    She was under my radar before but GOOD LORD those are fantastic boobs. Really cute face too. Pretty sure those are real also, she just won the genetic lottery in terms of shape.

    OK now I feel like a creepy old man. Stupid biological hard wiring, making me all attracted to hot girls in their child rearing years!


    She looks really young. It’s making me feel creepy.

  6. Nice


  7. poop

    I assure you guys that top is half padding. Her boobs aren’t that big, and she’s waaay too smart to have gotten implants at this young of an age. It’s called movie magic. Can I get an “oooo-ahhhhh”?

  8. aaaaa

    u can see her nipples

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