1. Cardinal Fang

    Boy butt

  2. richard

    No shape.

  3. Sam

    Omg I love her!!! She is soo hot

  4. Sam

    I wanna spank her ass!!! Nude

  5. dude

    id hit it..in 3.5 weeks

  6. me

    you’re all so judgemental expecially the guys, like seriously come on.
    just because some girl don’t have ‘shape’ it doesn’t mean there not beautiful in there own way, you’se will never find someone unless you’se start looking at there personalitys not looks and body.
    it’s fucking ridiculous like shut the fuck up.

    selena is preeeettty as :)

  7. Double D

    Bieber asked her to do anal. Gomez said yes and bent over. Bieber was very, very confused.

  8. Cetay Reptembera

    flat butt, hey, I won’t complain when I blow my load in her face

  9. Clara

    Well, she knows that she is highly loved and retpsceed as a singer aswell as a person. Justin Bieber will never have that, as he will never make music on such a sentimental and emotional level. While Enya’s music opens a whole new world [...]

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