1. Those cans are lovely but they can’t be real!

  2. Izzie53

    Almost 18? I’d almost hit it! But then again NOT!!!!

  3. melanie

    Last time I saw her in a bikini she looked like a kid, finally filled out! She looks amazing :)

  4. tc

    Dunno who she is, but I was just getting all stiff and hard and that, and I saw the last picture.

    She has the face of a little girl.

    That’s almost as banging a girl who looks disconcertingly like her dad.

  5. Guest

    A padded, underwired bikini? Not very flattering. They look old and saggy.

  6. Rose

    the bikini top isn’t her size or something… not even a push-up bikini looks that stupid. it’s barely touching her.

  7. Richard

    Oh yeah, the chick beside her is much hotter. Zoom in on her.

  8. Elle

    If she didn’t want to bee seen this way she would be wearing a one piece or something similar and her bikini top would not be super padded – thats whats making her boobs look big. They know the paps are always lurking about so thats why she has spent the whole day posing. The color of her bikini is pretty.

  9. jenni

    She looks ugly i swear her body is deformed i
    mean hellow no ass &u could soo totally tell
    she has still a stomatch Fat eww

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