1. teina


  2. Terry

    they are young and having fun. fuck them. I was there 25 years ago. No big deal.

  3. jelna4ever

    why cant yall just leave them alone there perfect for each other. so get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they belong together and there totaly cute together i back them up 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you justin plz stay with selna yall are perfect for each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Peyton

    What happened to his leg?

  5. jelna4ever

    wat happened to his leg? :( awe i hope he’s ok. :) I LOVE YOU JELENA! and i love selena’s swim suit. lol they are so cute together! I LOVE YOU JELENA!

  6. gabriella

    uh i don’t really like selena gomez or jb but i like jb music i don’t want to be a hater but wtf is up with selena gomez and hoop earrings and she looks fat and it looks like she talks too much and jb is like what ever i will go along with it

  7. BorrisMorris

    No babe, don’t throw that rag out. I er… promised to keep it for Usher. He’s happy to do all my washing!

  8. papastryfe

    This absorbs maple-semen way better than Sham-Wow!

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