I’d be so embarrassed if I was Selena…Justin Bieber looks like a girl who hasn’t hit puberty yet….

  2. Wassup

    Aw, he has underarm hair – how cute

  3. GeorgeWBush

    huh, always thought he was more of an @$$ man

  4. Ollie

    He’s more of a cock boy

  5. maeby

    Well….they are pretty nice looking. They’re looking a bit bigger than usual. Maybe he’s taking pictures of her new boobies. Ya know, for memories.

  6. Asian Guy

    Canadian and Mexican.

  7. Duke

    Mutherfucker has a Canon G12, makes me want to return mine.

  8. cutie

    what n the hell

  9. cutie

    bout to go ham

  10. cutie

    OMG> He cheated on me !

  11. cutie

    hello it’s me salena any one want to chat about that ring first he did not by that for me i brouht it!

  12. Frugal Gourmet

    those are nice

  13. Grand Dragon

    I didn’t know her tits were that nice.

  14. 41-Maldonado

    That wierd, I thought they broke up, or split, well, i believe they had something to recover all that unnecessary rumor mess.

  15. connie ortega

    they are amazing…….

  16. welldoneson

    this is what cocktease looks like

  17. White maggot

    Um, where is Miley lately? Is she still F***ing her dad??

  18. White maggot

    Selena is boring. She is smart, nice, law abiding, drug free, doesn’t have a mug shot, isn’t f***ing her dad, doesn’t have her head shaved, isn’t busting windows (do you hear me, Britney), won’t go to rehab, won’t pose for Playboy, isn’t a coke whore (hello lohan!), keeps her clothes on in public, isn’t a diva, donates and supports charity work, won’t ever have a porn tape, won’t get married for only 57 days just to get on more covers of magazines (Kim, you are pathetic), is family oriented and well…can actually sing!!!

  19. LegMan

    Nice Cabos on her.

  20. selena beach

    i hate this girl ,but i love her songs.

  21. Autumn

    justin is cute but i like him as a friend

  22. 123456

    I got more hair up my nose than he’s got all over.

  23. dhadd

    This kid is just an idiot who hasn’t heard the word “sentimental” before

  24. Bionic_Crouton

    If there is a Bieber sex tape, please tell me he was just the cameraman and not a participant.

  25. King Doosher

    And then nobody gave a shit, and then what?

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