1. Alex

    Why is he not looking at her ass? I can’t be in all fours without my boyfriend being all over me or saying something nasty to me. Wake up, dude!

    • Mr. Poop

      I guess he has more class than your prick of a boyfriend, bitch

      • Arzach

        Sure, grabbing your crotch in front of an audience of thousands of underage kids is how you show some class.
        It is obvious he’s not into girls too much, just that..

    • Jae

      Maybe he is just a respectful young man unlike your boyrfriend.

      • Alex

        Hahahaha I’m not interested in my BF having any respect for my ass; I love it when he gets all nasty. Respect is about something else and not about him not even noticing my ass or making me feel the hottest bitch around.

  2. MrSpazi

    Aaaaah they are so cute together.

  3. SSss

    So this proves it (not that it needed proving!), he is gay or has a very small dick!

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