1. confused...

    Why do people always insist that doing things with people ages 16-17 is illegal for adults?? In many states, the legal age of consent is 16 unless the adult has some kind of authority role over the younger person. Where I live in Minnesota, I could go out as a 35-year-old and pick up a 16-year-old and have a full-on relationship with her and it wouldn’t be against the law. Now, if people want to take a moral stand on the age thing, that’s a different issue entirely. But why keep saying it’s “illegal” when in most places it isn’t??

  2. geez

    it’s just a picture, y’all act like you’re mounting her! She’s just hanging out at a pool. Lots of kids do that in the summer. What’s the big deal? Meh, nothing to see here.

  3. Just_As_it_Is


  4. Pekod

    35yr old + 15 yr old made more sense 50 years ago when there was less expectation (or desire) for advancement. The female was trying to find a suitable support, and a 35yr old with a great job was a victory.

    These days standards should be different, because females can almost match males in social, financial, and intellectual success.

    That having been said, the extreme level of emotional whimpering over things like that, or (example) war crimes that happened 100 years ago is basically just obnoxious. The more people praise intellect, the less they exercise it.

  5. Budda

    I would tongue punch her fartbox!

  6. Mindy can't

    Buddha, best comment

  7. Observer

    is it just me or does this look lees like a bikini top and more like a bra?

  8. Just_as_it_is

    Actually not so fantastic. So young and already with implants. Sad.

  9. Moral Majority

    OMG here is an attractive 17 year old on the Beach in a bikini. Jeez what a shocker. She’s on the beach! She isn’t wearing a bikini in a mall! The paparazzi are a bunch of leeches that use your voyeuristic tendencies for their own pocket. Judge yourself!

  10. yayo

    i wanna a piece of this pie

  11. schorpioen42

    Smile, you’re on GeenStijl.

    Nice looking girl but too young

  12. mike

    Dang! Selena Gomez has boobs! I want to shove my penis up her vagina and then shove it up her rear end.

  13. mike

    In fact, I’m masturbating to the picture right now.

  14. Hugh Gentry

    I love 17 year old tits

  15. Pat2C

    People really have nothing better to do than to say big words and put their options and views out for us to read. WELL SHUT THE FUCK UP! Uhh blahh- blah moral. I think blah I dont blah… I like the recent posts. As soon that I saw she was 17 and saw those tits and ass again my penis became full with blood.

  16. Degenerate


    i luv Gomez

    lol @ 17 being illegal people need to do some research before they speak

  17. nice

    lil bigger camel/slightly bigger tittys,,, jailbait til next month bitches

  18. Gary B

    Who ever said This still looks more tasteful than anything Miley has done. Is right Miley is turning into a full blown skank. Selena is just wearing a bathing suit at a beach, nothing worse than any 17 year old does. At least she is not on stage trying to act like lady gaga and fake kiss girls.

  19. Gary B

    Another thing, I cant wait until Selena hits 25, Miley will be in full blown haggard biker mama mode and Taylor Swift will be trailer park fat by then. Selena will be mind-blowing, space and time warping gorgeous.

  20. Greenbean

    budda you have officially created my new catch phrase

  21. yowillie

    A pearl necklace would complete the look.

  22. king koopa


  23. fartbox

    Whoever said she has fake tits was wrong – she’s wearing a padded push up top. Believe me, mine are real AND spectacular, and I can spot a fake tits a mile away – hers are real.

  24. stan laurel

    I would kiss the dog that pissed on the tires of the laundry truck that took away her tummy-flu soiled undies.

  25. Gordon

    I’d ram my 32 year old throbbing cock into her tight under aged pussy and thrust as she screams, wildly calling out for more! More!

    I like em young. Usually younger than this, but those titties are just shouting out loud that they wanna be fucked.

  26. Dave

    yea this is the hottest pic of her but i love her she is so sexy and she got good sized tits but i dont sit her and wack my willy im not that pathetic

  27. no

    i would shove my dick up her ass and cum so much she’d be shitting cum for weeks!

  28. adfs

    id fuck her like no tomorrow and then cum on her face and tits. and shove my dick up her mouth

  29. Ohhh Yeah

    I would love to shove my dick up her vagina and fuck her sooo bad she would never forget I did it.

  30. john doe

    you are so so yummy & Gorgeous & i love you so very very much,
    you are like my little sister that i neve had Before & i Mean It baby-Cakes.

  31. superjohnman21

    Selena is amazingly fucking hot and i would do anything to meet here in reel life and see her in that bikini 4 real

  32. Selena impregnator

    Who the fuck would waste a good load. I’m 35 and i would drive my cock as deep into her tight little pussy and possible and blow every last load as deep inside her pussy as i could.

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