1. Looks like shit now. At least before, she had the young thing goin for her.

  2. RZ

    The desperation is soaking through her shirt. And another cute, relatively stable one bites the dust.

  3. dennis

    I don’t think those are implants. I think she’s gained weight and is a six pack away from developing a beer gut.

  4. J-Dizzle

    Doesn’t look like implants. Looks like she’s got some bra on that’s squishing her little bits against her chest and shoving them up, giving the impression of cleavage that she doesn’t really have. Look how flat her boobs are under her shirt now.

  5. Let’s see — no push-up bra or bra of any kind … and they look like half-cantaloupes with nipples on them. Cleavage that is never seen in real life on any planet with gravity, unless saline bags are inserted in one’s chest. I agree with the first and 2nd comments — looks like shit now and reeks of desperation for a younger male named Justin Bieber who she once said was like a baby brother.

  6. If she actually has implants now, and actually got them in hopes of “keeping” JB, well… if those two points are true… she’s nuts. OK? Just freakin’ nuts. JB isn’t all that. Heck, he’s not even a bowl of soup.

  7. Swearin

    Maybe adult tits will divert attention from the little girl face

    • Augmented breasts are NOT “adult tits”. They are tits of desperation and low self-esteem. Not to mention a downright stupid purchase and a total turn-off.

  8. meeps!


  9. Kanye Breast

    is it ok that the sweat marks gave me wood?

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