1. It looks like her dad should be enjoying a Taco Bell Party Pack and some Corn Pops.

    • Brian

      These typical do as i say not as i do alberils are the kind that need to be exposed for their hypocracy like that LUARIE DAVID,JOHN TRAVOLTA,LEONARDO DECAPRIO,ROBERT REDFORD and the other hollyweird eco-wackos telling us to live more green then they still run around the world in their atmosphear depleting jets and drive around in the 4 mpg gas guzzling limos

  2. Krtecek

    Someone should look up how a woman without a bra looks like.

  3. Osmar

    herew ene justin etuhhduei bolson bol hamgiin turuund heleed shuud l guigeed uuruu usgunu gd buun yum bolno shu de uuruu amidral zowlon bas hagtsal uzsen hun hezeech uurin huuhdee hagas zureh setgeltei usguhgui ylan guya jb chin ymar huuhed bilee de

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