1. Luka Rocco Magnotta

    She has a scent, it’s called Bieber’s taint.

  2. mike

    Someone is running a sick joke by convincing these yentas that granny panties and shorts are in fashion. When I say “someone” I really mean Gwen Stefani. Here is my Judge Dredd face >=(

  3. busty sinclair

    She likes those old cabbage patch dolls I used to own!

  4. Interred Ferguson

    The only scent of hers I’m interested in doesn’t come in a bottle
    As cute as she is, she appears to have major chunk potential

    We already know she has major CHUMP potential, but she’ll drop that little 40 year old Canadian lesbian before too long…….

  5. Koko

    da fuq she wearin?

  6. abc

    she sucked my dick last night

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