1. mark

    Oh my god! This is so shocking! :p

    Doesn’t this nitwit realize thrusting your bony little boy pelvis around and acting like you love black men doesn’t mean you’re shocking?

    What a dummy.

  2. Not muh dang ol’ Hanna Montana!

  3. I am so disgusted with these tongue pics. She has short hair, a rail thin body, and sticks her tongue out. She looks like a dyke, she acts like a dyke, and I am not finding “dyke” to be sexy. You want to be sexy to men? Get more tits and stop acting like you would spit a dick out. She’s so nasty it’s not even sexy!

  4. llkjlkjl

    If you do the skank thing you better be good looking, otherwise you look pathetic.

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