1. Impressive side boobage spillage

  2. Jack Ketch

    My Jesus, if people can’t tell they’re fake by now they’d have to be fucking blind.

  3. Ketch22


    I’ve seen, I dunno, zillions of fake breasts. I’ve never seen a pair that look like that.

    Excluding her boobs, she’s not *that* extraordinary. But because of these insane boobs, she’s in magazines, walking runways, starring in movies, and getting paid (presumably) millions of dollars.

    My point is, if women could get fake breasts that look like hers, many would. But they don’t, because they can’t.

    • Jack Ketch

      Implant outline fully visible. Too round. Shine on the skin from being stretched due to implants. Full at the top. Several pictures on internet pe-boob job. Come off it.

    • Zillions? Obviously you haven’t seen enough yet. These are so fake they’re comical.

  4. goodwolfe21

    Who CARES!? I think they look real too, but at the end of day, I don’t care, because to me (and to millions of other men, based on her popularity) they look AMAZING! To anyone who doesn’t like them or wants to belabor the point of whether they are real or not, don’t look!
    ..and let the rest of us enjoy them in all their splendor!

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