1. Valentino

    I like the chick and everything, even that ass that tends to swell as soon as she thinks she can relax because she’s got a man.
    But you gotta wonder, when women far less attractive and far more bitchy than her can get a man: what the hell is wrong with her? Even clingy Aniston got two guys to actually marry her and this latest one looks like he’s staying. Hewitt can’t even get to the altar much less make the guy stay.

    There’s really, based on my experiences: one possible answer. For all her strutting around she’s probably keeping that vagina locked down in a proverbial freezer. Every gal I’ve met that was a proper sex maniac has always been the more (sexually) subdued. Meanwhile all the teases and attention whores have almost always overvalued their poon by a factor of 100.

    Remember ladies: your vagina only has market value if you actually give it.

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