1. She looks more like the Gus in that relationship

  2. Gin&Tonic

    what went wrong with these girls? did their parents piss off a voodoo gypsy or something? demi used to be pretty hot, you’d think at least 1 of them would’ve gotten SOME of her genes

  3. Salad Face

    Bridget Jones could easily be re-booted with young Hollywood taking method acting to new levels.

  4. bdljwndñksa

    she looks like kurt cobain wearing a girl outfit, and even him would look so much better,

  5. terry

    She looks like white trash!
    Go Google Demi’s mom. She looks like she was born and raised on an inbred farm.

  6. Matthew

    It must suck. You have a mom like Demi Moore and you get your father’s looks.

  7. Slappy

    I didn’t know Javier Bardem was in a band

  8. Bruce in drag. Bummer.

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