1. My first thought: Mayim Bialik made The Superficial?
    My second thought: Why is Bruce Willis in drag?

  2. Urvag

    Am I the only one who thinks Demi and Bruce weren’t meant to make babies together????

  3. anny

    Why didn’t she just use Rumer’s id? They look identical. What a dumbass.

  4. King Diamond

    My God! These Willis girls are hideous!

  5. lily

    that chin! a shame those girls both look like bruce

  6. Bilvis

    The officer then tried hitting her in the jaw with his club when she resisted but it broke into tiny splinters before she ate him whole.

  7. Your tongue, My balls.

    Demi shits out the halloween masks like a pez dispenser.

  8. TheAdmiral

    The Willis kids just can’t get a genetic break. They always wind up looking like those “celebrity mash-up” photoshops rather than offspring.

  9. Langhowniya

    Why the long face?

  10. Tillman

    “Busted For Underage Drinking”?? Hells bells, I thought she was like 35.

  11. WTH? Hit by the ugly tree, for sure…..I’d drink, too, if I looked like that….

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