1. brick

    Sweatpants jeans. Cool!

  2. He’s trying to get her pregnant again.

  3. well, according to a joke I heard in 6th grade, that IS why women have two holes.

  4. richie

    his finger is in the second biggest asshole in this picture

  5. asssniffer

    Wonder if he smelled his finger afterwards.

  6. Keno

    I never knew rape could look so classy. Maybe those Republicans are onto something…

  7. Mike701

    I am pretty sure you check for a Trannie in the front.

  8. You


  9. Jentilly

    Good thing it wasn’t Kim or he’d lose his hand

  10. Neal

    Well the media was wrong on this one, turns out he was actually planning to engage her ring.

  11. InkyBlack

    Like a modern day Hans Brinker, Scott leaps to Kourtney’s aid, scant moments before another bout of explosive diarrhea releases a faecal tsunami upon the unsuspecting paparazzi.

  12. anonym

    I wanted to see him make Kourtney smell his finger afterwards

  13. Got one in the Chamber Huh baby ?

  14. I told you to stop blasting farts ! I cant help it now just stick your finger in my ass to stop it up and kiss me.

  15. But did he pick up the spare?

    • ArmyDicked

      Scott is SUCH AN IDIOT. The words to Marvin Gaye’s WHATS GOIN’ ON was ‘MAKE YA’ WANT TO HOLLER’, not MAKE YA’ WANT TO HOLE-’ER!!!

      And give Scott a break, people!!! Those Kardashian girls all look alike but only ONE wears panties!!! How else is he going to know he’s HO-Bangin’ the right Kardashian? You woudn’t want him cheating on his girlfriend, would ya?

  16. DH

    I don’t see what’s wrong with this picture.

    Isn’t that where you put your hand to make it talk?

  17. KC

    Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?
    I got “hand”, “butt”, and “whore”,
    They’ll get you pretty far.

  18. scooby

    Such a classy shot. Better than that stupid sailor after WWII kissing a nurse.

  19. Shemp

    He’s just checking her oil.

  20. anon

    He was trying to shut her stinking mouth!

  21. take note, some womens likes being treated this way

  22. ArmyDicked

    Seeing this photo, I am reminded of that old Little Richard Song:

    Got a Girl Named Daisy, bitch done drive me CRAZY
    Got a Girl Named Daisy, bitch done drive me CRAZY;
    I takes her up North
    I takes her down South
    But my favorite ways to take her
    Is Ass to Mouth
    Tutti-Fruity; Big Booty (1955)

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