1. LilaJoy

    I think her belly is too high up to be pregnant. Especially this early. Pregnant bellies grow very low at first.

  2. sabrinA

    I think she is just eating to damn much, her legs are huge too ! prenancy is more rounded smooth belly not a cellulite looking belly especially if its your first kid, and her boobs would be HUGE.

  3. B

    she just looks fat. Does her publicist think that we are stupid? They must, it’s not that she’s fat, its because her shirt makes her look fat…no, sorry…I think that her fat makes her look fat.

  4. seabee

    In addition to be a self-proclaimed whore who gets tested for AIDs every six months, a way overrated actress and a duck face, she is the chubs. You can see the cellulite through her leggings. She is welcome to Sean Penn – a crazy, gross old man who boozes it up and smokes like a chimney. Smokers who run, I don’t get it. He probably snorts speed first.

    • She’s not a whore. What the hell are you talking about? Getting an AIDS test every 6 months is the responsible thing for a sexually active person to do.

  5. ibbie3

    OMG she is the only actress in hollywood who eats and is like us “normal” women- SOOOOO OVER THE HOLLYWOOD TWIG FIGURE PROMULGATED BY GAY MEN!

  6. Larry Jones

    and I thought my wife’s ass was getting a little flabby!

    Sorry, honey! I love you.

  7. rachel

    She just ate a burrito. Relax.

  8. Make Me Wanna Die

    That’s what’s happens when you bang Sean Penn…

  9. Coupon Rachael

    well I guess scar-jo is human after all. out trying to drop a few lbs. like most of us ladies. kinda nice to see a celeb working off a pooch and one that has cellulite. she is still pretty

  10. RealWomenHave Curves

    You’re kidding me, right! Scarlett is beautiful and okay, so she’s not a size 0 or 2. SHE’S LIKE 90% OF AMERICAN WOMEN. Instead of sitting around shoving pizza in her mouth, she’s out exercising with her man. I think she’s fabulous, gorgeous, an most women would die to look like her.

  11. She can easily lose the weight, the problem is to keep it off. She will have to change her diet and keep a steady excersise regimen.
    She doesn’t look bad, just not like herself. Guess this is what they mean when they say someone has let themselves go.

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