1. Like a G6

    Good couple. Sean is still hot and she’s hot enough to snag him. I personally know he does piles of coke and smokes his ass silly so how is this dude even jogging a little?

    -Sausalito native

  2. sarahsmash

    Why is she running so weird?

  3. honeybadgerdontcare

    She’s been training for how long? She looks as flabby as I do, and I haven’t worked out since the 90′s. She needs to fire her trainer.

  4. ominina

    2 things xD

    1.- Whats up with the fattie!


    2.- WTF isthe things she is wearing for shoes?!!!

  5. cookie

    holy crap…

  6. Tara

    She is not in the best shape of her life….. Who the hell lied to her

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