1. USDA Prime McBeef

    Weightloss program in hand.

  2. YTBOY

    DAMN she got great legs!!!!!!!

  3. lily

    she does look good here…its strange how her body shape changes so much with a few pounds lost or gained. the cigarette is extremely unattractive though. she will regret that in a decade when her skin looks old and haggard

    • It’s all about the percentages. 10 pounds on a hundred-pound girl = 10%; pretty obvious. You’re less likely to notice a 10-pound fluctuation on yer average, say, gossip site commenter.

    • thespiral

      She’s also really short. A few pounds shows up right away on the shorties, whereas taller people can get away with more weight gain before it shows.

  4. Carolyn

    She and the boyfriend look like shit with those stupid-ass tattoos. The nasty cigarette is just icing on the cake

  5. arnieblackblack

    If she smokes…she pokes

  6. arnieblackblack

    Tatoo= in the poo

  7. What you’re seeing are the residual effects of her training for the Black Wido role. She’ll be back to her chubby self in no time.

  8. LPoole

    It depends on lighting. you just can’t see cellulite in this low light. of course on the beach, in the middle of the day under bright sun, the ugly cellulite showed up.

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