1. Ladies and gentlemen, a human female specimen.

  2. Duke Steele

    I don’t see it. Shes only sort of cute and that fat ass and ugly legs make her look like she wants to be a Skankassian. Other than a nice set of tits, she really doesn’t have anything else. Not even Ryan Reynolds

    • Mike D.

      Flaming homosapien, you dont see it, because you needs to wipe da man chowder thats dripping from your eyes. , douche.

  3. O.o

    Her nose looks sharper than before… I hate how she wears the clothes that give the allusion of a curvy body. In real life this girl is stick skinny and short. Her boobs aren’t big, she doesn’t have hips (unless you compare her to someone like Kelly Ripa) and she has a flat butt that she sticks out when she walks. weird.

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