1. Cock Dr

    I blame Sean Penn for this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. shawn

    wow…did she lose a bet?

  3. Mike

    that is so stupid!

  4. Mike

    crudley drawn too looks like shit

  5. shonzie

    WTF? Did Michael J Fox do this? That is terrible line work!

  6. Slarty

    Looks like it was drawn by a 3rd grader. The words aren’t even centered correctly.

  7. EricLr

    Classy. That must have come from one of the *4-star* prisons!


    that tattoo is awful.

  9. Jade

    That is a horrible tattoo. Whoever did it should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. YoMamma

    You just know that cost her at least 5K

  11. schmotze

    apparently that shitty work is his style.

  12. DeucePickle

    Of the two words used to describe this guy, I only believe half of them.
    French: Yes
    Artist: No

  13. Joe

    Nothing arrogant about that.

  14. dude

    prison work

  15. who dat?

    all the class and sophistication of a port-a-potty.

  16. Panda

    It’s crap

  17. I did a google search to see if Fuzi Uvtpk is a real person, and not just some made up name a dude gave Scarlett so she’s take off her shirt while her drew on her with a sharpie.

    Turns out he’s a real “artist” and this tattoo is typical of his quality of work.

  18. what is it about tattoos that make people insist on showing them off before the swelling and scabs go away. I get it, you are desperate for attention…I don’t want to see your scabby skin, no matter what reason.

  19. So, we’re supposed to ignore the fact that it looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old, simply because he’s an “artist”? I think not. That shit sucks French balls.

  20. Seriously?!

    Worst tattoo ever…

  21. Liv

    holy fuck thats horrible

  22. Stupid woman. That should’ve been her tramp stamp. A message the dude nailing her from behind would definitely agree with.

  23. Meh

    Good gawd, what a shitty tat! I bet Kat Von D is spinning in her grave.

    Oh, wait…

  24. Tron

    This is bit of a stretch, but…I think the Superficial breeds haters. :D

  25. It’s actually really bad!! Girl get your $$$ back!

  26. cc

    ‘Fuzi Uvtpk’…must mean ‘Fuck Up’ in Croation (or something).

    • Hey, if a Croat did that shitty a tattoo job, they’d at least have the decency to shrug and say, “Meh. I was drunk” as opposed to set up a webpage and try and pretend they knew what they were doing.

      • KC

        I’m pretty sure he was drunk or high. If you look at the gallery in the post below his normal work is the same drawing style but the line work is SIGNIFICANTLY better.

  27. Ruby

    This belongs on the Ugliest Tattoos website. What was she thinking????

  28. Is she trying to bring an end to nude scenes?

  29. Biff

    Looks like shit.

    • He has a section of shirts called Ignorant People? Are you fucking kidding?

      This guy is an epic troll who is laughing all the way to the bank.

      • That shit is too terrible to even be considered “so bad that it’s good.” I can’t believe ScarJo let that ink butcher put ANYTHING on her body. There is a show on Spike TV called “Tattoo Nightmares” which shows some excellent artists specializing in cover-ups…Luckily for her there IS hope!

  30. Shorty80

    This bitch gets the shittiest tattoos.

  31. Sheppy

    I wonder if anyone told her, to her face, what it really looks like yet?

  32. Hey, Fuzi Uvtpk…buy a couple of vowels or something!


  33. Interred Ferguson

    Ugly shit like that should help discourage further hacked nude photos….all part of her master privacy plan

  34. Apparently, french artist Fuzi Uvtpk can’t make uniform letters.. I believe both of them must have been drunk.. I’ve seen better tats made in jail without proper equipment, much better..

  35. mark

    Very smart decision to get an amateurish tat on such a pretty girl. Good work!

  36. Julie

    Wow..gotta say, I am a tattoo artist in my APPRENTICESHIP only tattooing for a year..and even I know a poorly done tattoo when I see one. Not even the linework is clean..and that is his “specialty” from what I saw on his website…you’d think a celebrity could be recommended to a good artist! We get to cover-up tattoos like this everyday!

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