1. combustion

    nope.. just fat.

  2. hilary

    thats not pregnant fat, thats just fat fat.

  3. goodyboogshoes

    that’s not fat. she’s like the mutant from Total Recall. Her twin is under that shirt. that’s the only explanation

  4. The Ugly Truth

    Not pregnant and definitely not fat. I love this site but these kinds of headlines are just gross.


    Glad to see she kept herself in shape for the Avengers Movie. Isn’t that about to start filming?
    Oh well, she was a weak Black Widow anyway, maybe now they’ll recast.

  6. ash

    uhh, someones been eating ice cream and drinking beer with old dudes

  7. SexxiMamma

    Whoever thinks she looks pregnant, should get their eyes checked. She probably gained a bit of weight from drinking too much with Sean :P… So, leave the poor girl alone…

  8. Ninny

    This is not fat. Generally the fat is located in the lower belly and uniformly.

  9. Sarah

    Not pregnant. Not fat. More importantly, what sports bra is she wearing because I need one!

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