1. Janet

    Looking a fancy pack of some sort to me. It’s too bumpy to be a baby belly

  2. codapea

    So NOT pregnant. Just a few too many beers or more likely PMS… not 5 months pregnant (which is when you find out the sex). If she is pregnant, she looks more like 12 weeks at the most.

  3. DM

    Thats just jelly, your ribs don’t get pregnant.

  4. Cock Dr

    She just needs to suck in…which is hard if you’re trying to chase Sean Penn up a hill.

  5. I'mTheSolution

    babies are not that lumpy. See: tina fey’s belly.

  6. gaudi

    It is natural for a woman to have a round belly. It is natural for a man to have a flat belly. We are so distorted now that we think a flat belly is natural for a woman’s body. But it just isn’t.

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