1. you need a spank, missy

  2. DM

    Yeah.. judging form the backside she just most likely gained weight.

  3. Artie Fatbuckle

    Looks like her tits fell into her ass.

  4. Fred

    Looks like a bag of knots in her ass.

    • dramkit

      Yeah, wtf is that? It looks like a stuck in a chair 24/7 “Do you deliver?” kind of arse.

      Pump it, Scarjo!

  5. Walter Sobchak

    Britney’s ass NEVER looked that bad. Not even Cheeto’d out and pregnant.

  6. mememe

    That shirt totally makes her ass look fat.

  7. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Best shape of her life my ass

  8. Jammy

    This is the body that everyone thinks is so hot?

  9. Leslie

    At first I thought she put some extra clothing or weights on her body to go jogging…because it looked weird in spots. Her arms are still thin….so it just didn’t make sense. She’s a beautiful girl and still looks fine compared to most of us at home commenting on this! Anyways after closer examination she did gain weight. Everyone does…. and she’s out jogging so good for her. We’re just used to seeing her absolutely perfect all the time- which is hard to maintain.

    • Star

      I have never seen her looking perfect! She has always be a little chunky. It is just that now she is REALLY FAT and that shows. But she has never be that attractive, at least I never thought so.

  10. Brad Clooney

    I’d motorboat her boobs and ram something up her butthole. That’s my take on the pics.

    • Brad


      Seems like she could be pregnant to be. Here rep said there was one bad photo. Looks to me like it’s a series of bad photos.

  11. maudina

    seriously strange running shoes

  12. Me

    She is fat and needs to lose weight

  13. Star

    Grey is not her color it brings up her ass!

  14. Star

    What a fat cow!

  15. StupidUS

    You guys are such pricks. Who the hell cares what she looks like anyway. So she has body fat…big freaking deal. You all deserve to rot in the pits of hell. And to the idiot that wrote shes a fat cow, i bet you look ten times worse than she does. Shut the hell up and drop dead you idiots. This is why the country is going to pieces…because of morons like you.

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