1. Cock Dr

    He’s probably bored with it already & ready for the next blonde cupcake.
    I wonder how long the whole “Hati refugees call me Jesus” rap will work for him as he grows ever more older & haggard.

  2. lolno

    Are you people retarded? Or have you never seen a pregnant woman before?

  3. M

    FAT ASS.

  4. jim eh

    Wow, Sean sure looks hella old, it’s probably all the coke and booze.

  5. Maloney

    They don’t even look like they are doing the same thing here, let along “jogging” or is it “yogging”? …whatever– eating.

  6. The Ugly Truth

    It`s really sad, you know? So many girls are going to read this and think they look pregnant too, because Im pretty sure 80% of women look like this. The other 20% are either obese or anorexic. This woman isn`t even close to being fat and she`s got an amazing body.

  7. nananana

    she doesnt look good idiot, and the girls skinnier than this arent aneroxic, theyre of average weight. so shut your damn mouth

  8. gluten

    pregnant? ahaha, nah just a porker.

  9. Sick and tired

    STOP And THINK ……before you start writing, there is enough derogatory comments written.

  10. 36-COLE SEELY

    Prego? Well her body used to look good back then, but that’s pretty rare like that.

  11. Ninny

    Ok, let’s begin with this angle, wich it’s the most flattering.

    I’m a little overweight, but the fat it’s located in the low stomach and uniformly.
    No way this is overweigth. This is a pregnant woman, and I’ve seen many of them.

  12. filthycute

    Ewwww, look at his old man’s knees.

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