1. justsaying

    AT 20, she would brag about not working out or dieting, and I thought to myself….just wait

  2. DM

    I like her Vibram 5-finger shoes! I have the same ones~

  3. combustion


  4. Or she could just be fat….

  5. reformed_druid

    She doesn’t look pregnant to me, I think she has just been hanging out with the old man too long.

  6. goodyboogshoes

    too many beers and buds with leather face


    my penis just died a little. FU sean penn

  8. mmmmhhhhh

    leave the girl alone. Pregnant or not, who cares. she is hot, a pretty decent actress and has harmed nobody – pity she is shacking up with Penn though. He is a dickhead. Had a lovely wife and screwed it up. Good luck Scarlett.

  9. The Duke

    are the tops of her pants placed in a misleading way as well?

  10. Ismoss

    Looks like shes smuggling bags of peanuts in those leotards.

  11. Garrytigerblood

    Congradulations are in order to Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson. Penn is a role model for every 50 year old. He has addonis blood. Scarlett just got overwhelmed. If she is pregnant or not, people should just leave them alone. You only have so many years when you can have children. They are a blessing.

  12. Erin

    just fat

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