1. brit

    i hate myself for knowing that these were old photos.

  2. Mike

    Please tell me that is her ribs across the top of her chest and not an implant bag… It would be like finding out santa is fake.

  3. Jammy

    lick the thick

  4. suzanne k

    fake boobs I think
    and not a good pair of legs
    not a great body at all


  5. Paula

    Her body is a true womanly figure. She has a pin up girl body so good for her. Compare her body to Megan Fox’s and Megan looks like a 15 year old Japanese boy. I pity any woman that says she looks too fat or soft because her body looks perfect and I’m a girl. Oh and about the tan comment, there are people who are actually proud of how they’re born dude.

  6. Wow very sexy looking in this bikini so I like this..

    Ultra Bronze

  7. nicolas

    Now as i see her she gives me the impression f a dirty horny girl who can kill you on the bed,licking her soft fragile skin toes to head!!

  8. Misana


  9. luis

    they do look like implants… i like her figure anyway

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