1. Jack Napier

    Hmm magically in the mirror she’s looking up at the phone while also looking down with her eyes closed simultaneously.

  2. BigDaddy

    If that’s really her. Damm she looks good!

  3. Honest Abe

    In love again!

  4. noyb

    wtf? where’d the NSFW versions go?

  5. Kevin

    If I could explain anything to women it would be that if you don’t take naked pictures of yourself they can’t get leaked on to the internet. I think that is too difficult of a concept for women to understand though…

    But thanks ScarJo I have been waiting some time to see that body :)

    • eatme

      …kevin, you must have a very boring life. the one thing in this world that you want to relay to women is to NOT take naked photos of themselves? what a douche.

    • decalex

      And thank god you will probably never get the chance to explain that to a woman.

  6. hmmbutt

    this chick was genetically engineered for doggy-style

  7. ff

    whats so special about this. she takes half nude shots all the time. just do a google search. nothing interesting here. move along people move along.

  8. cc

    Oh for the love of God, remove the stars.

  9. Frunken

    So this is the face Kim Kardashian has been aiming for all this time? I can’t believe I’m just now noticing this.

  10. Milan

    She tries to saw her ………… n …………..To all people

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