1. noyb

    Superficial is off my daily viewing as of now. Not a single NSFW image since October 2010 and when you finally get some you bury it and pull it off the site almost immediately – what’s wrong with you?

  2. Carl Labia

    I’m sure she has a lot of sex, but I light candles in church every morning as I pray for her continuing rectal purity.

  3. Cock Dr

    Aw dammit. Was curious about what caliber tits this high $ movie star woman has on her.
    SW, you’ve let me down.

  4. Sorry, guys, this whole thing just became a huge legal fiasco.

  5. BeeTee

    Use the magic of google before its too late…Very nice indeed!

  6. Crabby Old Guy

    Saw the uncensored versions. No obvious signs of Sean Penn taint. So, that’s a plus. But I have to say that I’m not really a fan – so it was just a “oh, another girl showing you her naked tits and ass” experience.

  7. Um. Fish. There are big pink stars in my way. I’ll give you a goddamned dollar to move them for me.

  8. Plurp

    Kat Dennings did a much better job of having “leaked” nudes.

  9. gumption

    implantss for sure. But well done because she probably had a bit of boob prior to the insertion of the “sac of trickery” just like k kardashian. But she is a pastey dough girl so me no interested.

  10. blah

    That would makes sense if the movie were being released this Friday. Her next movie isn’t scheduled to release until December. It’s too early to leak for that reason. Unless you know of some other movie she’s releasing this week or next?

  11. eatme


  12. Boo

    She’s got a nice pooper, but this particular shot has her looking like a boy taking estrogen.

    I guess if you’re Greek it’s all good.

  13. Ocho Mermelstein

    This picture makes my penis erect.

  14. Rocko

    If you don’t take nude photos of yourself they can’t be leaked or hacked. Duh!

  15. hondo

    What’s the big deal? Don’t these people appear nude in movies all the time? Why should they care if more nudes are published?

  16. whore

    waste of time…no pussy

  17. Milan

    Why she click this type photo.If u r sharp person u just understand that why she had do this ? Hopefully
    yes for publisity

  18. Ocho Mermelstein

    I would give up everything.. my job.. my car.. my three wonderful young children… for 5 minutes with that right tit.

  19. Gonsalvo Ballsack

    I’d bet a donut that the photo is a look-alike. I think SJ has larger knockers.

  20. Anybody but Obama

    I saw the photo without the star. Luscious, pink nipples. Just perfect.

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