1. Fase Buck

    Please date younger men so I can have a shot. I think you’d really enjoy doing stuff with me, like going to the beach and other things that I see you do at thesuperficial dot com. No Sean Penn. Call me

    • Scarlett Johansson

      Hey Fase!

      So happy you said something. You know, Valentine’s day is coming up and I have a real hard time finding men that want to date me. Bummer you didn’t leave your number. How am I supposed to get a hold of you??!?!


  2. Leah

    so there are girls who DON’T actually have cellulite?

  3. FreeJena

    Um, have you actually SEEN real cellulite? Man, what a hater.

  4. Skeeter

    So many things I’d like to do with Scarlett… lick her asshole, eat her vag, motorboat and suck on her tits, pound her vag and asshole and put my penis in her mouth. If only I were rich.

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