1. Boner

    Hi, I wanna get in ya.

  2. Heisenberg

    I’ll bet anything she doesn’t know theres cellulite back there.

  3. So does 95% of the rest of us. Why is this news worthy?

  4. Randi

    Seriously, she looks great! Leave her alone! I’m so sick of people picking celebrities apart! Who cares if she has cellulite?! MOST women do!

  5. She so pretty

    She looks like a beautiful, healthy human being. Congrats, Scarlett! And why is this newsworthy? Because most men list her as their celebrity crush – at least, the men I’ve asked who they’re attracted to – and she’s NOT anorexic! She’s famous and lusted after and curvy and healthy! And the cellulite is womanly and perfectly normal. If you think otherwise, you’ve probably not been intimate with a woman enough times to notice; therefore, get off the computer you lazy hypocritical slob.

  6. i think i could look by the cellulite if i got a chance of licking her vag

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